Emphasis on Quality


Austin Rhodes is a software quality assurance engineer. He graduated with a BA in business and a minor in computer science in 2011. Austin got his start as an IT professional working in the software arm of The Advisory Board Company.  Attention to detail, empathy, and a knack for finding problems that would otherwise go overlooked made Austin a natural fit when he transitioned to the QA team.

Throughout his career, Austin has been commended for his proficiency at automating manual processes that improve the performance and capabilities for himself and his team.  While a member of the IT department, Austin automated the lengthy and error prone process of setting up new users into a scripted, well-documented process that cut setup time down from hours to minutes.

Austin attended Hendrix College, a liberal arts college with the motto “unto the whole person,” a philosophy that translates into an emphasis on a well-rounded education.  Austin strongly believes in this idea and feels it aligns well with the modern concept of a knowledge worker: the concept that one’s knowledge is capital.   His educational background and working knowledge have enabled Austin to easily take on new tasks and be a highly functioning member of his agile software development team.

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